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    Rule Guide RM-FM13-B


    Skills Manual RM-FM13-B


    Story Lines


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    Player Experiences (Player may share up to 250 words of their game play stories/experiences.)


    Jesse Fister

    Our first “Winter Whiteout” game.

    Notes about the game we played: Winter (heavy) clothing +2 Thermal Energy Starting weather: -1 C, Humidity @ 100%, 8 mph winds.

    Jesse expansion choice: Basic Survival (all actions +10%), flint and steel (fire making +50%), water bladder (+ 3 hydration) Christine’s expansion choices: steel knife (+10% on constructing items, +10% on self defense), wool blanket (+1 Thermal Energy), Fisherman (+20% all fishing because I have caught over 100 fish)

    We picked a resource card-got Antelope Brush in the Plains altitude. We decided to start heading for the yurt, but quickly realized it was not a smart decision because not only is the Yurt 2 turns away, but with heavy snow (-1) adding another 6 hours/1 turn AND then nighttime travel (-1) adding another 6 hours/1 turn and a storm approaching; we needed shelter and fast.

    I decided to use my turn to build a simple lean to shelter, and Jesse used his turn, the Antelope brush and flint & steel to build us a nice cozy fire. Instead of adding the customary storm card for this scenario, we actually drew one, so we left it at that. We huddled under the shelter, in front of the fire with all our winter clothes and my blanket and survived the night quite well, not losing any T.E. and resting.

    The next day the weather was ok so we decided to make for the yurt, we traveled 1 turn, the going was too slow. We decided that I would tear some strips of cloth from the blanket to lash Jesse’s ski to my boot, it was a little awkward but I managed to ski on ahead and prepare us another shelter before dark, while Jesse walked behind. We drew the Riparian Upper Montane resource card with Scouler Willow. When Jesse showed up I had the shelter ready, and I had drawn 90 Norths condition card-the fishermans luck- that bumped me up to 30% chance of getting fish. I borrowed the water bladder, went and found us water as well as fish (while Jesse made us a fire) and we both re-hydrated and had a nice supper.

    Then next turn the weather got much colder (-4 or 5 TE overnight) but we managed a good rest with minimal T.E losses-due to our clothing, fire, blanket and shelter. In the morning we were in good shape, both nearly full T.E. and Hydrated, but pretty hungry after all that walking, with 7 calorie beads left each. We chose to travel the last turn together to the yurt. Once at the yurt, Jesse built a fire, then rested, I fetched water and then rested for dusk and dawn, we were trying to re-coup our energy for the trip home. The next morning the weather was on our side, so we travelled morning and afternoon and reached the car/home just in time for dark.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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